Bulk Water Storage

Bulk water storage refers to the storage of large quantities of water in tanks or reservoirs. This is often necessary in areas where water is scarce, or where the local water supply is unreliable.

At Temporary Water Solutions Limited, we supply and install bulk water storage tanks for a variety of purposes, including:

  1. Commercial or industrial use – Many businesses and industries require large quantities of water for manufacturing processes, cooling systems, and other purposes. Bulk water storage tanks may be used to ensure a reliable supply of water.
  2. Agricultural irrigation – Farmers may use bulk water storage tanks to store water for irrigating crops during dry periods or droughts.
  3. Fire suppression – Bulk water storage tanks may be used by fire departments to store water for firefighting operations.
  4. Water for welfare at festival or construction sites.

Bulk water storage tanks come in various sizes and shapes, ranging from small tanks that can be installed on a residential property to large, industrial-sized reservoirs. The tanks that we typically use are made of MDPE (in the case of our static tanks) or polyester based material (pillow tanks).

All bulk water storage tanks are subject to a rigorous cleaning and maintenance regime, necessary to ensure they are safe for use and to prevent contamination, whenever called upon.

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