Drinking Water Testing - Water Hygiene

Drinking Water Testing - Water Hygiene

Bacteriological testing of drinking water is the process of analysing water samples for the presence of bacteria that can cause illness or disease. The testing is usually carried out to ensure that drinking water is safe for human consumption and meets the standards set by the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations and BS8551:2015.

The testing process involves taking a water sample from the source or point of use, and then analysing the sample in a laboratory to detect the presence of harmful bacteria such as E.coli or coliforms. These bacteria can enter the water supply from a range of sources such as animal faeces, sewage or surface runoff.

The bacteriological testing of drinking water is typically carried out by trained professionals who follow strict sampling and testing procedures to ensure accurate results. The testing methods used will depend on the type of bacteria being tested for and the sensitivity of the equipment being used.

If the bacteriological testing shows that the water contains harmful bacteria, then appropriate treatment measures must be taken to ensure the water is safe for human consumption. This may include disinfection, filtration or other water treatment processes.

Regular bacteriological testing is important to ensure the ongoing safety of drinking water supplies. It is usually recommended that water samples are taken and tested at regular intervals, depending on the risk level of the water supply and the requirements of regulatory authorities.

At Temporary Water Solutions, we test all on-site water sources we make connections to and each temporary water supply network we build, with all testing undertaken by a UKAS accredited laboratory.

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