Festival and Event Water Supplies

Festival and Event Water Supplies

Temporary Water Solutions specialises in providing quality assured festival and event water supply services across the UK. Our comprehensive water supply services include, but are not limited to the following:

Planning and Advice

Our highly experienced management team provide help and assistance to clients during the planning phase of their events. 

We carry out site surveys and meet with all stakeholders to determine the best course of action with regards to providing our clients with a robust, and quality-assured water supply during their event.


Water Management Plan

The Water Management Plan is required by the SAG (Safety Advisory Group) in the region where the festival/event is taking place. 

The document includes an overview of how we will provide the festival of event water supply, along with a full Risk Assessment and Method Statement and our insurance details. Where necessary, Contingency Planning for any water loss scenario is undertaken, and a plan of action is outlined with the Water Management Plan provided.

On-Site Plumbing

Each TWS plumbing team has a leading hand, who is responsible for liaising with the client to ensure that their needs and program are met on time, on budget and without fuss. 

Should the perimeters of the the festival/event water supply requirement change during the event, the client should speak with them ASAP. The leading hand will then arrange for further resources to be deployed if, as required. All site plumbing staff hold the EUSR Water Hygiene Card.

Water Supply Networks

We are in constant communication with our clients throughout the planning process, so that once their build starts we ensure that a water supply is available from the first build day on site throughout the festival/event, to the last day of strip out. 

The temporary water supply network will require making a connection to a mains water supply of site, or by making bulk water supply deliveries by dedicated drinking water tankers (or drinking water bowser, for smaller festivals/events). Ring mains are created in order to distribute drinking quality water to the various areas on site. Connections are then made to any third party equipment such as catering units or toilet and shower blocks. 

Drinking Water Storage Tanks

Temporary Water Solutions has a range of drinking water tanks which can be used as stand-alone water supply solutions, in tandem or as part of a Water Supply Network.

We have four types of water storage tanks for festival/event water supply purposes, static water tanks, water pillow tanks, high-volume hook lift tanks and water tanker trailers.

Drinking Water Distribution/Water Bottle Refilling Units/Hand Washing Stations

Keeping attendees fully hydrated with a quality assured drinking water supply is paramount to ensuring their health during any festival or event. Our festival water installations ensure that enough drinking water is available around your site at all times.

All of our water distribution units are custom-built, reflecting the specific needs of water supply requirements of the event and festival markets. Our standpipes are available as single or double taps, while our hand wash and bottle refilling units all come equipped with six taps (these units can also be plumbed together offering endless drinking water supply possibilities). Please note that we also supply and install hot water boilers for hand washing and washing up etc. We are constantly adding to our range of water distribution units, for instance, we have invested in the manufacture of specialist tap units designed to allow the filling of multiple high-volume water containers for caravans and motorhomes. Our clients talk to us about their needs, and we listen.

Drinking Water Supply – Management and Quality Assurance

TWS provides fully audited water supply services for any festival or event, meeting the guidelines set out in BS8551:2015, the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regs, Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regs, Private Water Supply Regs. All tank and network chlorination is in line with BS8558.

All equipment used in providing a festival/event water supply is WRAS approved, with each member of our installation team holding the EUSR Water Hygiene (Blue) Card. The water supply network will be chlorinated from the supply to the point of delivery and will be subjected to bacteriological testing by a UKAS-accredited laboratory.

Waste Water Management

Clean water goes in, waste water comes out! Temporary waste water solutions are available across the UK. 

Our waste water tanks range in size form 1000 litres to 50 000 litres and are available to be plumbed into showers and catering facilities

We have the experience, knowhow and equipment to meet the water supply requirements of Festivals and events of any size or type, in any part of the UK.

There is no “one size fits all” policy at Temporary Water Solutions. Every client receives a bespoke water supply service, dedicated to their specific requirements. So, let us take the responsibility off your shoulders. We will ensure an uninterrupted supply of wholesome, quality-assured drinking water is available across your site at all times.

Call us now on 0800 001 6041 for a no obligation chat about how we can help you. Alternatively, you can email info@temporarywatersolutions.co.uk to request a callback or send us an outline of your water supply needs.

Do you need a water supply for your festival or event?

Please call us on 0800 001 6041 to discuss you needs. Alternatively, email us on info@temporarywatersolutions.co.uk