On Site Plumbing Services

On Site Plumbing Services

– Festival and Event Water Supply

The Event Water Services Team at Temporary Water Solutions Limited provide a comprehensive service offering which delivers a quality assured water supply to festivals and events of all sizes across England, Scotland and Wales.

The team build and oversee, wholesome and pressurised water supply networks fed by an exiting mains supply or by water delivered to site by our fleet of water tankers, which pump the water into large volume water storage tanks which we install as part of the system.

On-site plumber at UK festival
These tanks feed high volume water pumps, which in turn pressurise the network of pipes that carry the quality assured water to the various parts of the site such as:

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Temporary Water Supply Infrastructure - The Process

Every temporary water supply system we install is bespoke to the site and clients requirements.

Our EUSR accredited operatives visit site prior to the event in order to understand what the clients needs and expects from their water supply. A specification is then written and a quotation is raised, and sent to the clients for acceptance, after which, Water Safety Plan covering all of the plans, method statements and risk assessments required to carry out the water supply installation is created.

During the build up to an event, a Temporary Water Solutions team emender will often accompany clients at a Safety Advisory Group (SAG) meeting in order to explain in detail to the local authorities etc how the temporary water supply system will be installed on time, meet the standards as set out in BS8551:2015 and the relevant water regulations.

Once on site, our experienced operatives liaise with production staff to ensure that all elements of the schedule are met with the minimum of fuss, on time, and on budget.

Upon completion of the newly completed water supply network, all pipe work is disinfected and samples taken. These are then analysed by a UKAS accredited laboratory.

A certificate of conformity is then produced once clear sample results are returned.

Installation of semi permanent plumbing infrastructure in the UK

Waste Water Solutions

We offer a grey waste water management and disposal service to our clients as part of our package.

Temporary Water Solutions can install grey waste water tanks (1000 to 50 000 litres in capacity). These are used to capture the waste water from shower and catering facilities.

The waste water is collected in a waste trap and then pumped directly into the holding tank, from where it is later removed by a vacuum tanker, taken to a waste treatment plant and processed.

If required we can organise the waste water collection and disposal, as we have our own vacuum tanker fleet.