Private Water Supplies Regulations

Private Water Supplies Regulations

The Private Water Supplies Regulations are a set of regulations that apply to private water supplies in the UK. Private water supplies are water supplies that are not provided by a public water company, such as a private well or a spring. The regulations aim to protect public health by ensuring that private water supplies meet minimum standards of safety and quality.

The regulations were first introduced in 2009 and were updated in 2018. The key requirements of the regulations include:

  1. Risk assessment – The regulations require that a risk assessment is carried out on all private water supplies to identify potential sources of contamination and determine the appropriate measures to reduce the risk of contamination.
  2. Sampling and testing – The regulations require that private water supplies are sampled and tested at least once a year for a range of parameters including bacteria, nitrates, and pesticides.
  3. Notification – The regulations require that the local authority is notified of the existence of a private water supply and of any changes or events that may affect the safety or quality of the supply.
  4. Treatment – The regulations require that appropriate treatment is carried out on private water supplies if the results of the testing indicate that the water is not safe for consumption.
  5. Record keeping – The regulations require that records are kept of all risk assessments, sampling and testing, and treatment carried out on private water supplies.

The regulations apply to all private water supplies that are used for human consumption, regardless of the number of people using the supply. The local authority is responsible for enforcing the regulations and has the power to take enforcement action if the regulations are not complied with.

Temporary Water Solutions Limited will always recommend a water supply solution which adheres to these regulations, the Water Supply (Water Fittings) and Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations, together with the guidance defined within BS8551:2015.

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