Static Water Tanks

Static Water Tanks – Water Tank Hire

At depots across the country, Temporary Water Solutions limited holds stocks of static water tanks of various sizes. Each one of which is routinely maintained and disinfected in accordance with our Quality Management System, ensuring their availability for deployment at amounts notice if required.

Why Hire a Static Water Tank?

Well, in short, all of the industry sectors we work with may have a need for temporary water storage tanks at some point, especially when there is a need to store fairly large amount of water in order to provide an on-demand supply, when no other source is available.

There is a particular requirement at construction sites where a mains water connection is not present, where there is a need for water for welfare and operational use (concrete mixing, wheel washing and dust suppression etc.).

Other uses include the provision of stored water for use in welfare of production use in offices, factories or educational facilities if/when the mains supply feeding them is interrupted or totally lost for a period of time.

To solve the problem of a lack of water supply in such circumstances, a static water tank  (or multiple tanks connected via a manifold) is installed along with a pump capable of delivering the required volume and flow rate needed.

Do you need temporary water storage?

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What Size Static Water Tanks are Available?

Temporary Water Solutions operates four sizes of static water tank. These are:

Only the 2000 litre tanks have build in taps. The three larger volume tanks require a pump to remove the water. All tanks are WRAS approved.

We have larger temporary water storage  static tanks, in the form 50 000 and 100 000 litre water pillow tanks (also known as water bladder tanks). Again these require a pump to expel the water, and are able to be deployed in multiples to meet the specific volume of water storage required.

All static tanks can be connected to form larger capacities and they can all be fitted with a ball valve/float valve control, for when a water supply is present on site to fill the tank.

The 2000, 5000 and 10 000 litre water storage tanks are all available at short notice, however the 30 000 litre water tanks are wide and as such need a movement order to move them along the public highway. This can take a day or two to arrange with the authorities.

How Are Static Water Tanks Filled?

To ensure complete quality assurance, all water storage tanks are filled by our own water tanker fleet or water bowser. The bowser to tanker connect a hose to the purpose built fill point.

Where there is an existing water supply on site, can connect the tank using a double check valve. The supply then feed the tank through the float valve control. The connection is carried out once we have sampled the source and carried out bacteriological analysis (via A UKAS accredited laboratory)

Do you need help installing a static water tank?

If you need any further information about installing a static water tank for your project, please call us on 0800 001 6041. Our team are waiting from you.