Temporary Water Supply for Construction Sites

Temporary Water Supply for Construction Sites

When it comes to setting up a temporary water supply for a construction site, there are a few options you can consider.

Here are some considerations when planning a temporary water supply for construction sites:

  1. Water Tanker Delivery: You can arrange for water tankers to deliver water to your construction site on a regular basis. The tankers will transport water and fill up temporary storage tanks or containers on-site. This option is suitable for short-term projects or when there is no access to a permanent water source nearby.
  2. Water Well or Borehole: If the construction site is expected to last for an extended period, you may consider drilling a water well or borehole. This involves engaging the services of a professional drilling company to tap into the groundwater source. However, keep in mind that this option requires permits, environmental assessments, and adherence to local regulations.
  3. Utility Water Company connection: If your building site is located near water utility supply network, you can apply for a temporary water connection. Contact the utility company to enquire about the process, fees, and any specific requirements for obtaining a temporary water connection.
  4. Water Storage Tanks: Another option is to set up temporary water storage tanks on-site. These tanks can be filled periodically by water tankers or connected to a nearby water source if available. You can use pumps to distribute the water from the tanks to the necessary areas on your construction site.

Remember, it’s essential to consider local restrictions, water regulations, permits, and environmental factors when setting up a temporary water supply for a construction site. 

Additionally, consult with professionals, such as Temporary Water Solutions Limited, to ensure full regulatory compliance and water safety.

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