Water Bowser Services

Water Bowser Services

Why hire a water bowser?

The term water bowser is often used to describe a water tank or water tanker. It is actually a water tank on a purpose build trailer, so by definition, it is a portable water tank on wheels.

Our water bowser fleet comprises mainly of 2000 litre bowsers, although we do have some smaller 1000 litre units too. We do not differentiate between them when quoting. They cost the same.

When is a Water Bowser Used?

Temporary Water Solutions generally send bulk water deliveries by water tanker, however there are instances where this is not possible. In such circumstances, we supply towable water bowsers to sites where access is an issues (i.e where a property is accessed via a set of gates, narrow approach road or indeed , where there is simply, no road at all.

When working with clients who face these challenges, we find our fleet of 2000 litre road towable water bowsers the ideal tools to get the job done as they can be delivered by a 4×4 vehicle, able to deliver a bowser across difficult terrain, while being nimble enough to manoeuvre around obstacles.

Get in touch

Feel free to email us at info@temporarywatersolutions.co.uk or call us on 0800 0016041 to discuss your water bowser requirements.

What is a Water Bowser Used For?

Primarily, TWS uses road towable water bowsers to make bulk water deliveries, either as a single 2000 litre loads, or making multiple water deliveries having refilled at a licensed fill point, and returning to site.

Here are some scenarios where water bowser services are used:

Construction Sites:

Construction projects often require a significant amount of water for activities like mixing concrete, dust control, and other construction-related purposes.

Event Management: 

Outdoor events such as festivals, concerts, and sports events may require water bowsers to provide water for sanitation facilities, hydration points, and other logistical needs. Bowsers can be used as temporary water storage tanks, which can be connected via pump to various welfare units such as kitchens and showers. They can also be used as free standing drinking water stations, especially at mass participation and sporting events. We have water bowsers out most days, providing the water needed for soakaway/percolation tests across the country.


Water bowsers can be used to transport water to remote or arid agricultural areas for irrigation purposes, especially in regions with limited access to water sources.

Emergency Situations: 

During natural disasters, emergencies, or situations where the regular water supply is disrupted, water bowsers can be deployed to provide drinking water and essential supplies to affected areas, delivering a quality assured water supply to a client, pumping it directly into their own water storage tank, or in some instance where there is no storage facility, the bowser itself becomes the water tank.

In such situations, we make a connection to the clients local water network via a 230v on-demand water pump, which our EUSR accredited operative will plumb directly into the building etc. (for non emergency or longer term requirements, we normally supply and install a static water tank, as the tank hire costs are much less than that of a water bowser hire).

Public Services: 

Some municipalities or local authorities use water bowsers to provide water to areas where water supply infrastructure is insufficient or undergoing maintenance.

Remote Locations: 

Water bowsers can be employed in remote or off-grid locations, such as mining sites or rural communities, where traditional water supply systems are not available.


Water bowsers can be used for hydroseeding, a process in which a mixture of water, seeds, fertilisers, and mulch is sprayed over land to promote vegetation growth.


In firefighting operations, water bowsers can supply water to fire engines when battling large fires in areas with limited water access.

If you would like to discuss your water bowser service needs, then please get in touch. Call us now on 0800 001 6041 or, email us on at info@temporarywatersolutions.co.uk