Water for Agriculture - Farm Water Supply

Water for Agriculture - Farm Water Supply

Providing a temporary water supply is often necessary for farms, particularly for irrigation during dry periods or droughts.

Here are some considerations when planning a temporary water supply for farms:

  1. Determine water needs: Determine how much water will be needed for the crops and livestock, taking into account factors such as the size of the farm, the type of crops and livestock being raised, and the local climate conditions.
  2. Identify water sources: Identify available water sources, such as municipal water, well water, or surface water. Determine whether a permit is required to use the water source, and ensure that the water is safe for irrigation or livestock consumption.
  3. Choose temporary water storage options: Determine the best storage option for the water, such as portable water tanks, bladders
  4. Install temporary water distribution system: Install a distribution system to transport water from the storage source to the areas where it is needed. Consider factors such as the distance between the storage source and the crops or livestock, as well as the type of equipment needed to distribute the water.
  5. Ensure sustainability: Consider the sustainability of the water supply, taking into account factors such as the availability of water resources, the impact of water usage on the environment, and the cost of water supply and treatment.
  6. Monitor water usage: Monitor water usage to ensure that the water is being used efficiently and effectively, and adjust irrigation schedules and methods as needed to optimise crop growth and minimise water waste.

Overall, providing a temporary water supply is crucial for farms, particularly during dry periods or droughts. By taking a comprehensive approach to water management, farmers can ensure a reliable and sustainable water supply to support their crop growth and livestock health and meet their water needs in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

At Temporary Water Solutions Limited, we are able to offer an array or equipment and services designed to keep water supplies flowing into our British farms in times of need, including:

  • Contingency Planning Services, to help mitigate the effects of any incident/hot weather
  • Scaleable, assured response 
  • Bulk water deliveries by water tanker or water bowser
  • Temporary water storage tanks – up to 100 000 litres in capacity
  • Temporary high-volume water pumps
  • Temporary water supply networks
Please made a note of these contact details for future reference:
Tel: 0800 001 6041 – There is an out-of-hours answer phone. You will be called back within 5 minutes.
Email: info@temporarywatersolutions.co.uk

Do you need a temporary water supply?

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