Water for Film and TV Production

Water for Film and TV Production

Temporary Water Solutions Limited supplies water to film and TV sets across the country, providing a reliable water supply is critical for production, as water is needed for a variety of tasks, such as filling swimming pools, providing special effects, and providing clean water for cast and crew.

Here are some considerations when planning a water supply for film and TV production:

  1. Determine water needs: Determine how much water will be needed for the duration of the production, taking into account factors such as the size of the production, the number of cast and crew on set, and the types of scenes being filmed.
  2. Identify water sources: Identify available water sources, such as municipal water, well water, or surface water. Determine whether a permit is required to use the water source, and ensure that the water is safe for the intended use.
  3. Choose water storage options: Determine the best storage option for the water, such as above-ground or underground tanks. Consider factors such as cost, ease of use, and accessibility.
  4. Install water distribution system: Install a distribution system to transport water from the storage source to the areas where it is needed. Consider factors such as the distance between the storage source and the filming location, as well as the type of equipment needed to distribute the water.
  5. Ensure safety: Ensure that the water supply system is installed safely and in compliance with the various UK Water Regulations and BS8551:2015. Consider factors such as the potential for water contamination and the risk of injury from equipment used to transport and distribute the water.

Overall, providing a reliable water supply is crucial for film and TV production, and should be given careful consideration when planning any production. By taking the time to plan a water supply system that meets the needs of the production and ensures safety, you can help to ensure the success of your project.

If you are planning your next film or tv production, please feel free to contact us by calling 0800 001 6041 or emailing info@temporarywatersolutions.co.uk and one of our team with be pleased to discuss your water requirements with you.

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