Water for Soak Away Testing

Why use TWS for your soakaway test water?

Under the Planning Policy Statement 25 (PPS 25), developers are encouraged to use sustainable drainage systems across their projects, with many choosing to undertake a soakaway test to determine the porosity of their ground in order provide information important in the design of their proposed drainage systems

Soakaway testing is typically performed to evaluate the drainage capabilities of the soil at a particular site. The testing involves digging a pit and filling it with water to see how quickly the water drains away into the surrounding soil. The type of water used for soakaway testing is typically clean, potable water.

The water used for soakaway testing should not contain any pollutants or contaminants that could affect the results of the test. It should also be free from sediment, as this can clog the soil pores and affect the drainage capabilities of the soil.

In some cases, it may be necessary to use a large amount of water for soakaway testing. In these situations, it is important to ensure that the water is obtained from a reliable source and is not wastefully used. It may be necessary to obtain a permit or permission from the relevant authorities before conducting the test, particularly if it involves using a significant amount of water.

Clean and potable water is typically used for soakaway testing to ensure accurate and reliable results. It is important to take precautions to avoid contamination and wastage of water during the testing process. 

TWS only supplies water which has been abstracted under licence form the UK’s water utility companies, as opposed to taking water from an untested ground water source, which could potentially contaminate the land you are testing.

We operate a range of vehicles to suit any size of soakaway test, in any location. Our fleet consists of 4×4 vehicles which tow 2000 litre water bowsers, able to go just about anywhere, along with 15-20 000 litre rigid chassis and 30 000 litre articulated tankers for larger projects.

Each soak away test requires the excavation of a trial pit (or pits, depending on the size of the project), filing the trial pit with water and then monitoring and recording the level of the water in each pit at certain time intervals. This will then give an indication of the drainage rate of that particular area. The operation should be carried out three times (in accordance with BRE 365 Soak Away Design).

TWS will attend site for the duration of all three tests, refilling the delivery vehicle locally if needed.

All vehicles carry lay flay hose and high capacity pumps, able to deliver water up to 400m+ if required.

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