Water Quality Testing and Monitoring

Water Quality Testing and Monitoring

It is well known that keeping properly hydrated is fundamental to ongoing good health. However, water does have the potential to transmit disease. Therefore as a provider of temporary and emergency water solutions, we take quality assurance very seriously.

To ensure we take every precaution to protect our drinking water supplies at every stage of the journey, we have a quality management system in place which documents each stage of water abstraction or connection to mains supply, water storage and creation of water supply networks.

All water supplied by Temporary Water Solutions can be considered as “wholesome” (or fit for drinking) as defined with The Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations.

All vessels such as water tankers, water bowser, static water tanks and water pillow tanks are routinely disinfected and sampled.

Our operatives are all trained and accredited under the Energy and Utility Skills Register National Water Hygiene Scheme (Blue Card), each possessing a clear understanding the potential risks posed by waterborne diseases. They are ever vigilant in their quest to ensure that we deliver a quality assured, wholesome product to each client.

All water samples taken are processed and analysed by an independent UKAS accredited laboratory.

Monitoring throughout an event is carried out by the onsite plumbing team. They will take temperature and chlorine level readings every 12 hours as matter of course, and at shorter intervals during periods of high ambient temperature. Predetermined remedial action takes place, where results fall outside of the safe parameters.

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