Water Supplies for Campsites - Camping Water UK

Water Supplies for Campsites - Camping Water UK

TWS provides quality assured water to campsites across the UK. Some of these sites are independent, stand-alone businesses, while others are attached to festival or event sites.

Permanent campsites often require a recommissioning of their water storage tanks and pipework after laying dormant over the winter. TWS will conduct full system chlorination for you and undertake sampling at various points around the site. The analysis will be carried out by a UKAS-accredited laboratory. During periods of high temperature or an increase in occupancy, the demand for water increases. At such times we can install additional water storage, and make increases in the size of your distribution network

Temporary or “pop pop” campsites will require a different service, often involving the installation of a full system comprising of water storage tanks, pump and pipework.

Providing safe water for guests in campsites across the UK is a crucial concern for owners. To meet safety standards set by the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI), campsites must ensure that their water supply meets certain criteria. This may include obtaining water from a range of sources, such as mains water networks or boreholes, testing it regularly to make sure it is fit for human consumption.

The DWI recommends the use of disinfectants like chlorine to treat the water and remove harmful bacteria or viruses. Campsites are also required to regularly test their water to check for substances such as lead, nitrates, and pesticides that can compromise its quality. The water supply system must also be maintained and protected from contamination by regularly cleaning and disinfecting water storage tanks, pipes, and preventing cross-connections with other water sources or wastewater systems.

Campsites must provide guests with clear information about the water supply system, including any treatment processes used, any restrictions on its use, and any precautions that need to be taken. This could include boiling the water before drinking it.

Local councils in the UK are required by law to monitor private water supplies, including those used by campsites, to ensure they meet safety standards. Campsites are considered a ‘public activity’ under Regulation 9 of the Private Water Supply Regulations 2016 and are subject to routine risk assessments and annual sampling by the local council, irrespective of the site’s licensable status under other legislation.

Routine risk assessments involve assessing the water source, treatment processes, storage tanks, and distribution pipes for potential sources of contamination or other risks to water quality. Annual sampling involves collecting water samples from the private water supply and testing them for a range of parameters. If any issues are identified, the local council may require the campsite owner to take corrective actions, such as installing new treatment systems or repairing/replacing pipes or tanks.

Depending on your situation, your camp site water supply will have to comply with the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations, Private Water Supply Regulations, Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations or BS8551:2015.

If you would help with complying with the above, and ensuring your campers enjoy a quality assured water supply, please call us on 0800 001 6041 or email info@temporarywatersolutions.co.uk

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