Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations

Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations

The Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations are a set of regulations that apply to the installation, maintenance, and use of water fittings in the United Kingdom. Water fittings include all appliances, pipes, and equipment that are connected to a water supply.

The regulations were first introduced in 1999 and have been updated several times since then. The key requirements of the regulations include:

  1. Approval of water fittings – The regulations require that all water fittings must be approved by the Secretary of State before they can be installed. Approved fittings are listed in a schedule to the regulations.
  2. Installation requirements – The regulations set out requirements for the installation of water fittings, including requirements for the materials used, the methods of installation, and the location of fittings.
  3. Backflow prevention – The regulations require that appropriate measures are taken to prevent backflow, which is the reverse flow of water from a user’s system back into the public water supply.
  4. Water efficiency – The regulations require that water fittings are designed and installed in a way that promotes water efficiency.
  5. Maintenance and repair – The regulations require that water fittings are maintained and repaired in a way that ensures they continue to meet the requirements of the regulations.

The regulations apply to all water fittings that are connected to a public water supply or to a private water supply that is used for commercial purposes, such as in hotels and restaurants. The regulations are enforced by the water companies and local authorities, who have the power to take enforcement action if the regulations are not complied with.

Temporary Water Solutions Limited will always recommend a water supply solution which adheres to these regulations, the Water Supply (Water Quality) and Private Water Supply Regulations, together with the guidance defined within BS8551:2015.

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